Suikoden III Cheats, Codes, and Secrets

Friday, January 29, 2016

Easy Stat Ups for Characters
To take part in this in-game cheat, you must have at least one of the Stones (i.e. Stone of Power, Stone of Defense, etc.). Having multiple stones speeds up the process of gaining stats.
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Suikoden III Special Item

The various items below are what I consider the best in the game.  For lists
that are comprehensive, I recommend you check and Ryvius' FAQ
here on gamefaqs.
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Suikoden III Books

Every Suikoden to date has made use of the Old Books to help
the player obtain valuable information about the locale, history
of a certain area or people, Shop rare-find lists, True Runes,
hints of help for your gameplay, and other helpful information.
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Suikoden III Rune

Before decide to learn a skill, it's better to see how's the aptitude of
a character toward the skills. The least point needed to learn a skill,
the better the result. However, this method does not always work,
mostly but not always. I have found some characters that have
highest aptitude did not result highest rank in their skill.
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Suikoden III Unite Attack

Anyone who has played either of the previous Suikoden games knows what these are.  For those who don't, a Combo Attack is an attack by two or more characters in unison to have a stronger and/or
widerange attack than normal.  These attacks can also have a status change in either your party or the enemy.  Like the previous games, the combo attacks in Suikoden III have their obvious combinations and their not-so-obvious combinations.
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Suikoden III Character Recruitment

This Guide will help get all 108 Stars Of Destiny. You will see
detailed descriptions on how to acquire them so it'll be a breeze.

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Suikoden III Walkthrough

The Walkthrough is intended mainly to get you through the story with some
helpful suggestions thrown in.  If you want to deviate from it to level up,
walk around and talk to the townspeople, watch some plays, and so on, by all
means, do so.  I have clearly noted what will make the story advance so if you
don't want to proceed at that time to do something else, go for it.  If you've
got a radio, CD, or MP3 player handy, it makes getting through some of the
leveling up/lottery sequences much easier.  This is especially true if you're
going for the Chris Level 99 trick.
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